The world of Neighbourhood Planning is constantly changing.  On this page you will find  the latest news

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At Plan-et, one of our main sources of updates and information are the Planning Barristers at Landmark Chambers. One of their number, Christopher Katkowski, QC (Kit Kat) joined the Government's Task Force developing the ideas for the new White Paper. Asked what his vision of the new planning regime is he replied:

"The vision is to create an efficient, inclusive and accessible planning system in which everyone can contribute to making the area in which they live, somewhere they can have pride in; where no-one's excluded and where everyone can understand what's going on and play a worthwhile part in getting things right."

To us at Plan-et, that sounds like "Neighbourhood Planning"


THE WHITE PAPER (August 2020)


The government's White Paper "Planning for the Future" was published in August 2020 and it's effects are as yet unknown as it is still in the early stages.  However, at Plan-et we have responded to the consultation and our take on the paper to date can be found here


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published on 27 March 2012 and revised on 24 July 2018 and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied. It remains to be seen what effect the White paper will have on the NPPF

Learning and Development Services at Planet

As a result of Covid 19, at this present time, we are unable to offer our first free consultation with your Parish / Town Council or Steering Group on a face to face basis. However, we feel it is important that you still have this opportunity to find out about Neighbourhood Plans, especially in view of the new White Paper, and are able to ask questions relevant to their communities. Therefore, we are continuing to offer this service through a Zoom meeting if you feel it is appropriate for your group. AND, the bonus to you is, where we used to ask for a contribution towards our travel, you will no longer have this cost!

call us to arrange:

Becky on 07980 789261

Liz on      07799 603997

Seminar 2021

With the advent of Covid 19, plans we had at Plan-et for a Neighbourhood Plan Seminar in 2020 have had to be put on hold.  Instead, we are hoping to be able to host an online seminar, featuring our usual range of experts in neighbourhood Planning. experts from the Legal world of Planning, Town Planners, representatives from Locality and MHCLG plus "those who have done it".

We are working on this and hope to be able to give you details for an on-line event in early 2021, which will also hopefully enable us to give more clarity on the White paper

You can find more information relating to Covid 19 and Neighbourhood Plans on our page COVID 19


Covid 19 has changed the way engagement in the community can take place in order to produce your Neighbourhood Plan.

It has meant Steering Groups need to become more creative in the way they seek input from residents on all the aspects of the Plan.

The use of technology is, of course, one way of achieving this, however it is also important to make sure those without access to this method are not excluded.

At Plan-et we are working with Steering Groups to help them find the most appropriate and safe methods in their communities.

This ranges from setting up small focus groups to having static displays in empty shops / and still accessible publec spaces.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your community, contact us for help.

Farming Field
Best Choice
Meeting Room
Wooden Toy Houses

Grant Update 2020

Basic grant funding has recently (May 2020) been increased to £10,000. This amount is available to all neighbourhood planning groups (if you have been awarded some of this in the previous rounds, you can only apply for the outstanding balance). The additional funding of £8,000 has been extended and is now available IF you meet one of the following criteria:

* The neighbourhood plan is allocating sites for housing

* The neighbourhood plan includes site-specific design codes

* It is a business neighbourhood plan

* You are a cluster of three or more parishes writing a single plan

* You are a Neighbourhood Area with a population of over 25,000

and now also available (May 2020) to include:

* Designated Area forums

* Groups based in deprived areas (where 30% or more of the population is in the 20% most deprived areas)

Technical support is also available to Neighbourhood Plan areas which are either:

  • Allocating sites for housing; or

  • Including design codes in the plan; or

  • Planning to use a neighbourhood development order; or

  • Are an undesignated Forum needing help to get designated.

The support is also  available to those replacing and/or modifying an existing neighbourhood plan.


​ All grant will need to be spent within the financial year in which it is awarded (i.e. by 31 March), regardless of when in the year it was awarded.

Contact Plan-et to find out how we can help you with any stage of your neighbourhood planning process.

We are nationwide and are currently working with neighbourhood planning groups in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, Somerset and Devon

Key Statistics

To date, there have been over 845 referendums and over 900,000 votes have been cast with the average "yes" vote being 87%

165 Local Planning Authoriies have at least one made plan