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New Neighbourhood Plans Research Commissioned by the Government

The government is in the process of commissioning new research on the impact of Neighbourhood Plan- ning. The aim of this research is to improve  understanding of the impacts of neighbourhood plans, for example their role in supporting the Department’s housing delivery agenda and their broader impact on the planning system. The research aims to conclude early in 2020, and will be useful to inform future thinking on neighbourhood planning. Researchers will be in contact with a number of groups and authorities as part of their work.

Discounted Market Homes Programme

Since the launch of the Discounted Market Homes pro- grammes in May 2019, 19 grants have been approved and 32 qualified bodies have received Technical Support. You can apply, especially if you are seeking to allocate sites for affordable housing for sale or you are at an early stage and considering bringing forward affordable housing for sale and are investigating the need by undertaking housing needs assessments and other relevant studies.


Funding packages ranging from £10,000 to £50,000 are available to neighbourhood planning groups to support them in identifying suitable sites for affordable homes for sale and even to grant permission through a neighbourhood development order. Extra training and advice is also available for groups. More information on how to apply and eligibility is available at

The National Planning Policy Framework was published on 27 March 2012 and revised on 24 July 2018 and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied

Grant Update

2020 we are waiting for the latest news on the basic funding levels for 2020, however, in the meantime, the rolling "technical" grant, and additional funding is still available and is not dependent on the time of year.

Basic grant funding is currently £9,000, which is available to all neighbourhood planning groups (if you have been awarded some of this in the previous rounds, you can only apply for the outstanding balance). Additional funding of £8,000 is available IF you meet one of the following criteria:

* Plan is allocating sites for housing

* Plan includes site-specific design codes

* It is a business neighbourhood plan

* You are a cluster of three or more parishes writing a single plan

* You are a Neighbourhood Area with a population of over 25,000

Technical support is also available to Neighbourhood Plan area which are either:

Allocating sites for housing

Including design codes in the plan

Planning to use a neighbourhood development order

Are an undesignated Forum needing help to get designated.

November 2017

The Government has confirmed a new 2018-2022 programme which aims to continue to deliver support to communities who are (or are interested in) creating a neighbourhood plan or order, including members of public, community organisations and town and parish councils.

The support is also  available to those replacing and/or modifying an existing neighbourhood plan.

​Previous grant expenditure under the 2015-2018 support programme for every group shall be rolled-over and subtracted from the amount of grant available under 2018-2022 programme, to ensure that new and existing groups are on a level playing field. All grant will need to be spent within the financial year in which it is awarded (i.e. by 31 March), regardless of when in the year it was awarded.

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Key Statistics

To date, there have been over 845 referendums and over 900,000 votes have been cast with the average "yes" vote being 87%

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